U.P.F.A.R. - A.R.G.O.A. (Romanian Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers - Romanian Association for Collective Management of Audiovizual Works) is a collective management organization, established in 1999 in Bucharest, Romania.

The main scope of U.P.F.A.R. - A.R.G.O.A. is to represent, promote, develop and protect the interests of its members and of Romanian audiovisual and film producers in general.
The main object of activity is the collection and distribution on the grounds of equal treatment, of the following categories of rights:

1. right to compensatory remuneration for private copy
2. cable retransmission right and any other forms of retransmission
3. public communication right
4. broadcasting rights

Besides its main activity, U.P.F.A.R. - A.R.G.O.A. has the following objectives as well:
1. To initiate and support the cooperation activities of film and audiovisual work production and distribution companies
2. To initiate and support collaborative actions with the competent legal authorities
3. To initiate, draw up, and support the approval of legislation projects for harmonization with the European legislation in the field, to coordinate the legal interventions and information activities related to the protection of members’ rights
4. Represents the interests of its members related to creation, production, distribution and exploitation of cinematographic and audiovisual works related to copyright and related rights, outside Romania, by concluding bilateral contracts with similar organizations by association with international nongovernmental organizations in the field
5. Initiates and coordinates public awareness actions through appropriate means, including through written and audiovisual media, on the importance of observing Romanian film and TV program producers’ rights, an essential factor in sustaining and developing the audiovisual industry, organizes promotional events and edits materials within the action of combat piracy.

U.P.F.A.R. - A.R.G.O.A. collaborates in a reciprocal representation with its sisters organizations from: GWFF, EGEDA, VAM, FRF, SUISSIMAGE,AVAKA, RIGHT BACK FILM, COMPACT COLLECTIONS and FINTAGE AUDIOVISUAL.

Repartition of remunerations