Audiovisual authors and producers rights association “AVAKA” was founded in 8th of February, 2008.
At the beginning AVAKA mainly was responsible for coordination of Lithuanian television and film awards and promoting audiovisual culture in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2011 Association AVAKA started administration of audiovisual authors and producers rights for retransmission of their rights via cable operators network and ‘blank tape levy’. Lithuanian Ministry of Culture has approved Association AVAKA as collective right society.

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The VAM is a mbH, which was founded in December 2007 and took over 2008 the possibility einier regulated universal succession all the rights, duties and activities of the association "VAM" at the beginning of the year. The association VAM is the sole shareholder of VAM GmbH. The activities of the VAM GMBH is based on state operating permits and is controlled and monitored by the COMM AUSTRIA

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EGEDA, created in 1990, is an entity of management of intellectual property in Spain represents and defends the interests of audiovisual producers arising from the rights recognized and protected by the Copyright Act.

A management entity is one that, legally constituted, is dedicated to managing exploitation rights or remuneration, for and on interest from several holders of intellectual property rights.

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Film Producers' Rights Association - FRF is a so-called "collecting society". We work with no personal profit by distributing compensation to the independent film and television producers. As a producer, it is important that you first register your company, and then the titles you are entitled to receive cable and private copying remuneration

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The GWFF, Society for the Administration of Film and Television Rights is a
under the Copyright Administration Act by the German Patent and Trademark Office
approved collecting society. It was in 1982 by film and television
producers founded with the aim of them and the film authors
Copyright law allocated compensation claims for duplications and
To manage secondary uses and to claim it.

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Rightback manages and optimizes neighbouring rights for artists and producers in more than thirty countries.

We represent music and film right holders: singers, musicians, conductors, labels, actors and film producers.Neighbouring rights are collected and paid by collecting societies across the world.

We have been serving artists and producers for close than ten years with a tailored approach

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Swiss Authors' Rights
Cooperative for Audiovisual Works

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Compact Media Group is a full-service intellectual property (IP) rights management company. Steeped in the creative media sector with a focus on film and television rights, we are involved at every step to provide a global resource for ensuring long-term value of content rights.

Compact’s headquarters are in London, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris. In October 2010, Lyceum Capital invested in Compact Media Group with the aim of diversifying the company’s global services. The first acquisition under the new partnership was, helping to provide service at the initiation of rights discussions and contracts

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Our unique and unconventional approach to standard practices is aimed at creating secure and transparent business environments for our clients. We have developed 7 different businesses in group companies ranging from unique solutions for record labels and artists who want to exploit their master recordings in the digital space to custom-made revenue collection services for the audiovisual industry.

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