Who is the GWFF?

The GWFF, Society for the Administration of Film and Television Rights, is
under the Copyright Administration Act by the German Patent and Trademark Office
approved collecting society. It was in 1982 by film and television
producer founded with the aim of them and film authors through the
assigned copyright law compensation claims for duplications and
manage secondary uses and to claim it.

Why is there GWFF and what does it do?

The producers, film authors and actors can - in view of the
related technical development of multiple uses - the rights to
no longer make their film and television works often themselves, as they would often
the Overview missing, where and by whom their works are used. In addition,
according to the German Copyright Act certain compensation claims, eg
for Leerkassetten- and equipment delivery (§ 54 of the Copyright Act) or the rental and
lending of video cassettes (§ 27 of the Copyright Act), only by collecting societies
are asserted.

But for those who want to use this protected works, it is not
reasonable to make the film entitled identify and separately with each passing
negotiate a grant of rights.

For this reason the authors and related rights have their rights
to collecting societies, ie organizers, who are then able,
the necessary permits not only for a single work, but for a comprehensive
to grant repertoire to monitor public events and agreed
to collect payments ,

The GWFF concerns of those intellectual property rights of the producer and
film authors use, allowances and distributes these funds to those to whom
it is due. They therefore acts as trustee.

GWFF - Society for the perception
of Film and Television Rights

Marstallstraße 8
80539 Munich,

Telephone +49 (0) 89 22 26 68
Fax +49 (0) 89 22 95 60