Main activity of FRF are the collection and distribution of remuneration to film and TV-producers for retransmission by cable of film works. FRF with its section FRF-Video is also active in the area of collection and distribution of private copy remuneration to producers. FRF monitors programs in Swedish TV channels, and keeps databases of film works with cable and/or private copy remuneration rights for Sweden. Swedish based right holders can register their works in the FRF database. International right holders are advised to register their works through AGICOA in Geneva for cable remuneration. FRF is a non-profit organization with a broad representation of organizations for Swedish producers in its board:

FRF board
Swedish Film & TV-producers with representatives from the three sections: feature film-producers, TV-producers, and commercial film producers. Independent Film producers' Association (Oberoende Filmares Förbund) and Ifpi, Swedish Group.

FRF - Filmproducenternas Rättighetsförening
P.O. Box 27183
SE-102 52 Stockholm

Christine Larnfelt +46 8 665 12 55
Magnus Persson +46 8 666 37 38