EGEDA, created in 1990, is an entity of management of intellectual property in Spain represents and defends the interests of audiovisual producers arising from the rights recognized and protected by the Copyright Act.
A management entity is one that, legally constituted, is dedicated to managing exploitation rights or remuneration, for and on interest from several holders of intellectual property rights.

The intellectual property rights are the tool to the correct operation of the works for the benefit of future cultural creation. Film is an art that needs an industry to create it, develop it and offer it to the public. Thus, in this double aspect of artistic and industrial activity, a movie is made with the creative contribution of writers, directors, actors, musicians ... but also with the creative and economic contribution of producers. This makes them holders of rights, intellectual property rights, which are part of the remuneration for their work and recovery of their economic contribution.

EGEDA, particularly active and vigilant on intellectual property rights is also a service company for audiovisual producers who represents and for the audiovisual industry as a whole.

They may be members of the entity audiovisual producers (feature films, short films, television series ...) and foreign national beneficiaries or, whether natural or legal persons. The adherence and retention in EGEDA is voluntary and free.

EGEDA is Founding Trustee of MEDIA Desk Spain.

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